Workshop Videos

Back Pain Workshop

This Workshop of 4 Videos looks at back pain from 4 different angles.  No one size fits all so try them all and find YOUR answers for your back.  Learn how to treat yourself and resolve your long term issues.

The first video shows you how to treat the Trigger Points in the Erector Spinae Muscles:  Spinalis  – Multifidii – Rotatores – Longissimus and Iliocostalis muscles.  To help bring relief and balance to a tight back.  Learn to take care of your own back to manage or even prevent back pain in the future.

The second video shows you how to the treat the Trigger Points in the Lumbar Spine and also addresses some hip pathologies and Sacroiliac pain syndromes.  Quadratus Lumborum is often pivotal in releasing a tight back.

The third video looks a very common postural imbalance that can refer pain into the back muscles and also change your spinal alignment.  Dominant Quadriceps can set off a chain reaction through the Kinetic Chain which you can easily unwind and manage using these techniques.

The fourth and final video looks at your posture and shows you many ways to relax muscles.  And also how to work on spinal mobility and flexibility taken from various different schools of therapy.  After doing these four videos you should be able to find the solutions to your particular pain syndrome so that you can manage your back pain and maybe even eliminate it altogether.

Workshop 2: Neck Pain Workshop

This workshop comprises of 3 videos

Video 1: Assessment, McKenzie Neck Protocols and addressing your Nervous System to balance your neck.

Video 2: The Trigger Points affecting your Neck

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Video 3: Maintenance using Feldenkrais Method – Franklin Method – Pilates & massage techniques for the neck.