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Debbie Holland

Hi My name is Debbie Holland I am a 62 year old UK trained Fitness Instructor. I have been training now for 38 years. Showing that you can train continuously and at any age and reap huge benefits from it. In fact I am convinced that the benefits actually increase with each decade of your life regardless of the age that you start. In my website you will learn to be “functionally fit” and the difference between you and your peers will be clearly evident in even a few short months.

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My influences

My long experience covers many exercise methodologies. Here are the ones that I can remember…..

Weight Training
Cross Training
Cycle Touring (UK, EU, NZ)
Alexander Technique
Hiking Expeditions (Too many to list)
Rehabilitation / Clinic Work
Teacher Training Courses
Personal Trainer
Pilates Instructor

Reformer Work
Trigger Point Therapy

Anatomy Trains with:
Tom Myers
Robert Schelp
Julian Baker
Karin Gurtner

Functional Movement
Franklin Method with Eric Franklin
Brent Anderson Polestar
Feldenkrais Method
Message Therapies

Joseph Pilates a true visionary and far ahead of his peers in understanding the human body

Jesus my True Mentor – We are fearfully and wonderfully made…. but we are far far more than just Myofascia and Bones

The Studio

Situated on the lovely island of Waiheke, We offer private pilates sessions, semi private pilates and group classes.  Come and join us.

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International Pilates training
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