My name is Debbie Holland I am a UK fitness instructor of 38 years experience. I started all those years ago teaching aerobics and weight training. I soon got into running clinics for rehabilitation with a Physio friend, pre operative, post operative, heart clinics and much more. This led to further training until I became an assistant coach and active in training trainers and fitness instructors.

I was a runner, bodybuilder, taught classes and a personal trainer. Over the years I picked up injuries and trained through them all until eventually my back went very badly and I was told that I needed spinal fusion at the age of 39. It was at this point that I entered the world of Pilates and was shocked to find despite my long experience in fitness I could not do the simple tasks they were asking me to do. I decided I had to find our more about this new form of exercise. Pilates is the most intelligent – safe and effective form of exercise. It strengthens – it stabilises – it balances – it shapes and tones – it builds endurance and flexibility. It can be done by anyone at any level and will always move you forwards always connect you more deeply to your own body. It builds body awareness – it calms – it restores – it lifts the spirits and makes you happy. It enabled me to strengthen and stabilise my back and avoid the spinal surgery they were recommending. And 23 years later I am still surgery free.

Since then I have moved to New Zealand and have my own boutique Pilates Studio. I have seen so many clients over the years coming in with postural problems – muscle imbalances – issues of overtraining – long standing unresolved pain syndromes. My focus has shifted in the past 2 decades to looking at the Anatomy Trains and the Myofascia of their bodies. Bodies tell a story if you take the time to look at them – they have much to reveal. Tom Myers teaches Body Reading a fascinating study of alignment and anatomical shifts.

This has led me into release work – trigger point work, into studying Feldenkrais Method, Franklin Method, Tom Myers, Karin Gurtner and other movement therapists work. All relatively new science and still evolving among its participants.

So many people over train their bodies or seek to make it look a certain way and sacrifice balance and health. More and more my new favourite phrase is Functional Movement. A healthy balanced pain free body that functions well and is lithe and supple regardless of its chronological age. To be able to live your life to the full with excellent quality of life.

I myself have used online training sites for years. I love the variety they offer – the flexibility – the freedom to pick and choose on any given day – to go in any direction. All from the comfort of your own home and at a very affordable price. In the era of Covid this option has become even more desirable. I hope to offer my experience and knowledge to help you navigate your way through Pilates and the other methodologies I offer here on my site.

Whether you are an absolute beginner – have medical issues and need help. Or you are already on the path to fitness. I can come alongside and give you direction. Its NEVER too late to start strengthening and balancing your body. So often pain comes from inactivity. From Trigger points that have been long forgotten and ignored. From a weak core. Progress starts with just ONE small step followed by another small step and before you know it your journey has begun. As Joseph Pilates said “Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness” . You will feel better immediately we are hardwired for movement don’t use the word exercise – we were created to MOVE. Have a look around my site and feel free to ask any questions if you have them. Jump on in and get started………………

Quotes By Joseph Pilates

  • The Mind when Housed in a Healthful Body possesses a Glorious Sense of Power
  • Pilates is the Complete Co-Ordination of Body Mind and Spirit
  • In 10 Sessions you will FEEL the difference. In 20 you will SEE the difference. And is 30 Sessions you will have a NEW body
  • If your Spine is Inflexibly Stiff at 30 you are OLD. If your spine is flexible at 60 you are YOUNG
  • Pilates Method teaches you to be in Control of your Body………. and not at its Mercy
  • It is the MIND that shapes your body
  • The acquirement and enjoyment of Physical Well Being – Mental Calm – and Spiritual Peace are priceless to their Possessors
  • Breathing is the FIRST act of Life and the LAST
  • By ALL means never fail to get all the Sunshine and Fresh Air that you can
  • Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness